POSITECH SOLUTIONS located in Mumbai, which is important national business city, we are professional
company in production and development of telephone recording system, including phone cards,
USB phone boxes, digital telephone recording system (E1, PRI, ISDN Sound recording) ,and
Telephone exchange (Group phone) billing software .We adhere to professional development and to
conduct an independent innovation to feed the needs of customers around the country, 10 Years on
the product up to 1500 technical improvements, and developed the world’s unique PABX recording
technology, ‘The best service is no service’, we always put the stability and reliability of production in
the first place, as well as long-term efforts to become the brand’s core values, although the annual
users of high-speed growth, products are extremely stable, maintenance is maintained at a very low
level. Select Audio Infosys is to choose quality and reliable, because the telephone recording system
requirements 365 X 7 X 24 hours of continuous work on the reliability, requirement is very high, high
reliable products effectively prevent the Products Agencies to do a lot of after-sales service and
exhausted. Some customers only pay attention to the lowest price, the unfortunate choice of the
other products, the profits earned in the final wasted on services.

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